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Nacho Your Average Booze: A Dive into Cheese Flavored Liquor

Posted 12/24/2023 By Dr Leroy Brown

Move over, mint mojitos and boozy bloody marys! Prepare your taste buds for a flavor revolution that's as bold as it is bizarre: Nacho cheese flavored liquor. That's right, the iconic orange dust coating your favorite chips has transcended the snack aisle and infiltrated the world of spirits, sending ripples of curiosity and, perhaps, a touch of apprehension through the cocktail scene.

A Curious Concoction: Origins and Inspiration

The brainchild of Empirical Spirits, a Boston-based distillery known for its unorthodox flavor creations, this nacho cheese liquor was born from a surprising partnership with none other than Doritos. Yes, the chip behemoth dared to dip its toes into the booze pool, resulting in a spirit distilled from actual Nacho Cheese Doritos. Talk about thinking outside the chip bag!

But why nacho cheese? The answer, according to Empirical, lies in our deeply ingrained love for the flavor. It's a taste associated with fun, indulgence, and shared good times – perfect qualities to translate into a tipple. So, they embarked on a quest to capture the essence of cheesy goodness in a liquid form, and thus, the Nacho Cheese Spirit was born.

Taste the Rainbow (of Cheese Dust): What Does it Actually Taste Like?

Now, the burning question: Does it taste like dipping your lips straight into a bag of Doritos? The answer, unsurprisingly, isn't quite so binary. Imagine this: the initial aroma hits you with a potent wave of cheesy warmth, followed by a tangy citrus note reminiscent of the lime dust on Doritos. The first sip delivers a creamy mouthfeel, surprisingly smooth for something inspired by crunchy chips. The cheese flavor is undeniable, but it's not your average cheddar or Gruyère. It's a complex medley of spices, capturing the iconic Nacho Cheese blend's savory and slightly sweet nuances. The finish is surprisingly clean, leaving a lingering warmth and a touch of that familiar cheesy aftertaste.

Beyond the Shot Glass: Creative Cocktail Concoctions

This unorthodox spirit isn't just for solo sippers. Its bold flavor profile begs to be unleashed in the realm of mixology. Empirical themselves suggest a Nacho Cheese Margarita, a spicy Bloody Maria variation, and even a daring Nacho Old Fashioned. But the possibilities are truly endless. Think savory twists on classic cocktails like a Nacho Cheese Daiquiri with a Tajin rim, or a creamy Nacho Cheese White Russian with a dollop of whipped cream. For the adventurous souls, smoky mezcal and fiery jalapeños could create a truly unforgettable Nacho Cheese Margarita variation.

A Flavor Craze or a Fleeting Fad? The Future of Nacho Cheese Liquor

So, is Nacho Cheese liquor here to stay or just a fleeting novelty? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure: it's sparked a conversation, pushing the boundaries of what we expect from our spirits. Whether you're a die-hard nacho cheese fanatic or a cautious cocktail connoisseur, there's no denying the intrigue of this unorthodox libation. It's a playful reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected pairings can result in the most delightful culinary surprises.

So, dare to Nacho your average booze? Grab a bag of Doritos, your favorite mixology tools, and embrace the cheesy spirit of adventure!

Remember, responsible drinking is always important. Enjoy the nacho cheese liquor responsibly and in moderation.

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